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Old Hickory

We’re in the process of developing this 451-lot subdivision in St. Cloud, FL — we’re currently working on Phases 1 and 2 of this project, and we’re aiming to finish all four phases by the fourth quarter of 2021. This 175-acre site requires a 740,000 CY dirt move, with 21,000 feet of storm sewer and 16,500 feet of sanitary sewer. The largest challenge encountered with this project is the extremely high water table, making the excavation and utility installation rather complicated processes.

We’ve had to pursue a variety of dewatering methods due to the unique challenges of this project. From utilizing rim ditching and trench/sock drain installation for pond excavation, to well pointing for utility and lift station installation, we’ve had to get creative in order to keep the site dry enough to work on.

In addition, this project requires a large equipment fleet, as at any given time during earthwork operations we have around 12 45-ton trucks, three 349 excavators, and a variety of loaders and dozers on this site. During utility installation, we maintain an average of three pipe crews onsite, each with their own 336 excavator and loader.

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