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We take pride in our projects

While the majority of our projects involve moving dirt and laying pipe, no two are the same. Each project had unique challenges our people had to overcome to provide a top-notch finished product for our clients. Even though it’s sometimes easy to get lost in the daily craziness of the infrastructure world, looking back on all the projects we’ve completed makes it all worthwhile.

This project is a 540-acre mixed-use development consisting of single-family, multi-family, medical, educational, and commercial parcels.

This 160-acre commercial development involved one of the biggest earthwork projects we’ve ever done.

We’re in the process of developing this 451-lot subdivision in St. Cloud, FL — we’re currently working on Phases 1 and 2 of this project, and we’re aiming to finish all four phases by the fourth quarter of 2021.

This residential development site consists of six phases, totaling 674 single-family lots in Lake County, FL.

There aren’t many construction companies that have the capability to build a 45-acre recreational lake and also develop a 541-lot residential subdivision around it, but Hughes Brothers sure can!

When it comes to big dirt moves, look no further than the Beacon Lake project in St. Augustine.

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