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Trailwinds Village

This 160-acre commercial development involved one of the biggest earthwork projects we’ve ever done. Located in the town of Wildwood, Florida, this project required a dirt move of around two million cubic yards, due to the discovery of a massive amount of clay in the soil.

During the earthwork operations, we encountered unsuitable clay material that had to be undercut to provide a minimum 5’ cap of suitable structural fill across the site. We worked closely with the general contractor and owner to explore cost-effective alternatives to meet the geotechnical requirements set forth. As a result, we ended up over-excavating portions of the site with suitable fill materials, and were able to avoid the costly import of suitable fill and export of unsuitable clay.

Even with the massive dirt move, we had an extremely strict deadline, because Lowe’s was under contract for the largest commercial pad on the site, and they couldn’t delay their opening date. All told, once we completed the earthwork, installed all the onsite infrastructure including utilities and roadways, and constructed a ¾-mile offsite turn lane addition, we still finished the project in the original nine-month window.

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