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Why work with Hughes Bros?

We proudly build every project from start to finish ourselves. Transforming an undeveloped piece of property into a finished project is what we live for. We have the crews and capability to successfully complete projects of all sizes and scope. Make one call to Hughes Brothers and watch it happen from there.


When it comes to earthwork, we have the equipment and expertise to tackle projects of all shapes and sizes – from several thousand to several million cubic yards. We run multiple mass grading crews and typically lean on our fleet of 349 excavators with oversized buckets and 45-ton off-road trucks to move thousands of cubic yards every day. Once the mass excavation is complete, we mobilize our fleet of GPS-equipped dozers to precisely finish grade the site to pinpoint accuracy.

Underground Utilities

While the end-user never sees our utility work, we take great pride in ensuring we lay every foot of pipe properly. We rely on our 15+ pipe crews to install thousands of feet of storm, sewer, water, reclaim water, and dry utility lines daily. We routinely install everything from 4” – 24” pressure pipe, 18” – 84” gravity storm sewers, and sanitary sewer systems in excess of 20’ deep. Our crews can also handle public utility projects of any size. We’re just as fond of pipe as we are for big dirt – it’s where we began, and we love the unique challenges pipework provides.


The developments that we build are worthless without a reliable roadway infrastructure supporting them. We utilize multiple road base crews and prepare thousands of square yards of roadway weekly to help pave the way for the traveling public. From roadways within one of our development projects to municipal, county, and DOT roadways – we have the capability and experience to complete roadway projects of all types.

What can Hughes Brothers do for you?

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