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Ardmore Reserve and Fosgate Road Extension

This residential development site consists of six phases, totaling 674 single-family lots in Lake County, FL. This area has some drastic topography changes, which is rare in Central Florida. Because of this terrain, this project required nearly 1.3 million CY of earthwork and 100,000 square feet of retaining walls throughout all phases. One of the significant hurdles we faced on this project was construction of the 1.25-mile Fosgate Road extension — because there are three nearby schools, we had to work around strict road closure restrictions.

Therefore, we only had a 2.5-month timeframe during summer break to not only remove and reconstruct the existing portion of the road, but also coordinate moving all existing dry utility lines along the road — power, gas, and fiber. Complicating things further was the fact that the permitting and approvals for the road extension delayed our start date by nearly three months. We also had to coordinate work with three different jurisdictions — city, county, and state. In the end, we dedicated additional crews and worked extended hours to meet the road opening deadline before the new school year.

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