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Chad and Justin Hughes grew up in the construction business. Their father worked for a large site development and underground utility contractor in central Florida for decades before deciding to start his own company in 1999. The company grew to around 75 employees and served developers and general contractors who needed a reliable site and underground utility contractor.

The brothers graduated high school, and like most other young adults, they gave college a shot. Both decided that college wasn’t for them and found themselves working at the family company. Chad and Justin both started out as laborers, were promoted to operators, and eventually found themselves in supervisory positions by the time they were in their early 20’s.

In 2011, the Florida housing and development market was in drastic decline and their father decided to close the company and retire. The Hughes Brothers had a choice – either go to work for another site development contractor or start their own business. They chose the latter.

With five guys in total, they began performing any small projects they could find during rough economic times. Nothing was too small – from doing roadway patches for local municipalities to site work for small gas stations and financial institutions, they eagerly took whatever they could get.

The tremendous growth of Hughes Brothers Construction began in 2013 when they landed their first seven-figure project. The previous contractor had buried a significant amount of unsuitable material throughout the site. Chad and Justin came up with a value engineering proposal to screen the material and reuse a majority of it onsite, saving the costly export of unsuitables and import of fill material. The result of their decision created a million-dollar savings on the project. Impressed with the significant savings and the honesty of the Hughes Brothers, this private developer is now one of Hughes Brothers most valuable partners.

Despite the massive growth in only a few years, you won’t find much ego from anyone at Hughes Brothers. Many of the managers at this company have started at the bottom and worked their way up through the ranks. For Chad and Justin, there’s no end game in sight. Still in their 30’s, they plan to be building Florida communities for decades to come and are hoping to find as many great people as possible to continue growing their world-class earthmoving and pipelaying team.

Why we get out of bed each morning.

We build the foundation for Florida communities and help provide hardworking families with the ability to live their best lives. Driving through beautiful new neighborhoods or down municipal roads knowing we were a major part of building them never gets old. Beyond our external purpose is the family we’re building within our own organization. It’s amazing to see people develop and grow within our company so they can better serve our partners, others at our company, and their own families.

Passion for building.

Construction is a tough industry. To last, you must have a love for building things.

Improvement is essential.

There’s always a better way. We can’t afford to be complacent and are always looking for better ways to build.

What we do, we do well.

We know what we’re good at and we’re determined to always do it to the best of our abilities.

Do the right thing, and all else will follow.

Success starts with doing the right thing. This applies to interacting with customers, the quality of our work, and safety.

Attitude is everything.

You have full control over your attitude. Life’s a lot better when you’re the one who people like to be around and call on when they need help.

“Sometimes, you get overwhelmed with what’s going on, and you forget why you’re doing what you’re doing. Sometimes I have to run a trackhoe and bench for a pipe crew to remember, ‘hey, this is why I’m doing it. This is what I love.”

– Chad Hughes

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