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Hanover Lakes

There aren’t many construction companies that have the capability to build a 45-acre recreational lake and also develop a 541-lot residential subdivision around it, but Hughes Brothers sure can! This 180-acre site in Osceola County saw us build an entirely new recreational lake next to the existing Alligator Lake, but that was just the beginning.

After we exported 900,000 CY of material to create the lake, we built a system of canals and a boat lift that allows residents to travel between the two lakes. The on-site lake has a higher water level than Alligator Lake, so it’s necessary to lift boats up over a berm on a rail system, then drop them back down into Alligator Lake on the other side.

This project also required coordination with the Army Corps of Engineers, other local contractors, and trucking companies to find a new home for the massive amount of dirt we excavated and exported to build this ambitious project.

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