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Beacon Lake

When it comes to big dirt moves, look no further than the Beacon Lake project in St. Augustine. This residential development is the biggest project we’ve ever taken on, as the site encompasses 630 acres and 1,400 lots, and required 2.1 million CY of excavation. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, the job site is actually well over two hours away from our home office.

Beyond the obvious logistical issues of transporting people and equipment to such a distant location, we encountered significant challenges due to the weather. During just one month while we were working on utilities, the site received over 30 inches of rain, which required us to send in extra crews and work overtime just to keep the site dry enough to work.

When you factor in the 35,000 feet of sanitary sewer, 36,000 feet of storm sewer, five lift stations at 25+ feet deep, and 100,000 square yards of roadway, you can get a better picture for the incredible scope of this project.

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