Will Marvin - Hughes Brothers Construction, Inc.

Will Marvin

Excavator Operator

Will and his girlfriend are excited to welcome their first child into the world in May 2020. They also have a pit bull named Skylar. Will likes to spend as much time as possible lounging around the house, but he also enjoys mudding and taking the occasional out-of-town vacation.

Will started his career as a welder, but he quickly realized that he preferred operating excavators. Since joining Hughes Brothers two years ago, Will says that he’s “learned to move lots of dirt, and at a quick pace!” He appreciates how rarely he has to work weekends, especially with a new baby on the way.

When he thinks about his time at Hughes Brothers so far, Will says that he loves working with top-of-the-line equipment — running the machines he uses every day is a dream come true. When he was growing up, he never thought he’d be operating big iron like this!

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